Smart Parking Facilities Are the Core Part of Constructing Smart Cities

Smart Parking Facilities Are the Core Part of Constructing Smart Cities


Smart Parking is a parking strategy that integrates technology and human innovation in a trial to use as few resources as possible—such as fuel, time, and space— to achieve faster, more comfortable, and denser Parking of vehicles for the preponderance of your time they continue to be idle.
Smart Parking systems generally obtain data concerning accessible parking areas during a specific region, and the process is real-time to place vehicles at available positions. It involves using low-priced sensors, a period knowledge assortment, and mobile-phone-enabled automatic payment systems that enable folks to order Parking earlier or accurately predict wherever they'll probably realize a spot.

Smart Parking helps one among the most significant issues on driving in urban areas; finding empty parking areas and dominant embezzled Parking.

Smart Parking System:
  • The Smart Parking System includes three modules-Monitoring modules, Control module, and a displaying unit, a centralized system to maintain a database of parking space, and will have an SMS.
  • The monitoring module consists of a light sensor, ultrasonic sensors which recognize the free parking spaces and transfers the data to control unit
  • The control units proceed with the data and transmit the information to the Centralized system.
  • The centralized system obtains data of the parking slot allotted from the controller. It then sends the data packets such as slot allocated for Parking, time, billing information, and directional details to the user's mobile phone.
Need and advantages Smart parking:
  • Accurately predict and sense spot/vehicle occupancy in the period.
  • Usher residents and guests to accessible Parking.
  • Optimize car parking zone Usage.
  • Simplifies the parking expertise and adds price for parking stakeholders, like drivers and merchants
  • Facilitate traffic within the town flow additional freely investing IoT technology.
  • Sensible Parking permits higher and real-time observation and managing of an accessible car parking zone, leading to important revenue generation
  • Provides tools to optimize hands management

There are different types of parking
The foremost common kinds of Parking are angle parking, perpendicular parking, and parallel Parking.
  • Angle parking is particularly widespread in parking tons, wherever vehicles are selected to travel away.
  • Perpendicular parking is comparable to angle parking; however, it needs more prominent care in turning. Perpendicular Parking is finished in areas marked during a 90-degree angle to the curb or a building. Place your automobile within the center of the parking spot and switch the wheels straight.
  • Parallel parking is mostly used next to a curb within the area between two position cars. Realize an area that is a minimum of five feet longer than your automobile.
Smart car parking can be implemented in:
  • Hotel
  • Theaters
  • Shopping Malls
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Smart Payment System
  • E-parking
  • License Plate Recognition

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