Use of the DRONE to avoid the spread of COVID 19.

Use of the DRONE to avoid the spread of COVID 19.


WHO (World Health Organization) has declared Covid-19 as PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern). All around the world businesses, industries, markets are getting affected due to Covid-19. During these phases of a health emergency, people around the globe must follow some safety rules and precautions, to avoid themselves from getting infected with COVID-19.

World is going from where critical phase, financially every country’s economy is getting affected. Many people all over the globe facing financial as well as health issues. Whereas, the Government of each country is trying its best to recover all the patients and tackle the spread. Many services are initialized from all over the world to help and serve the public needs.

However, many countries have announced lockdown, no public gathering, home quarantine for a few days in order to control the spread of coronavirus. Due to which many people are facing the problem of having a lack of food, lack of emergency medicines, lack of Grocery, etc.

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Taking under consideration every situation, some social people came up with the solution of using the latest technology to help out people and serve their needs. One of the well-known solutions is Drone.

Till the date many drones were used for surveillance, Delivering health kits, agricultural purpose, etc.

Whereat these phase of Health Emergency, A Drone need to work in multiple ways.
  1. Surveillance: To take a Surveillance of the area where cops can use to take a look at the surrounding area where the public is not supposed to gather for any reason
  2. Health kit delivery: To deliver the health kits at emergency places.
  3. Grocery delivery: As people must avoid public gathering, Grocery delivery drones are made available.
  4. Food delivery: As many poor people are facing problems due to lockdown, they are not able to earn money in anyways. Therefore, they have nothing to feed themselves. With the help of drone’s food can be delivered to them.

Here are some safe ways where the spread of COVID-19 can be avoided and at on same time needs of the public can be served.

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