Service Robots - The Next Gen Helpers

Service Robots - The Next Gen Helpers


Service Robots
A Robot that performs helpful and useful tasks or works for human beings or equipment excluding industrial automation applications which minimizes the human hard work and efforts.

Robots are categorized into two ways:
  • Personal robots
  • Skilled robots.

A service robot that operates semi or totally autonomously to perform services helpful to the humans and atomized industries, they exclude producing operations, and that they are capable of making decisions and acting autonomously in the real and unpredictable environment to complete the determined tasks.

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Personal service robots, that consist of the vacuum cleaner and lawn-cleaning robots, elder care bots, together with toy robots, hobby systems, and kits, and residential education and coaching robots are samples of personal service robots that at typically operated by the person.

This report categorizes the service artificial intelligence market supported sort, environment, component, application, and earth science.

The Service Robotics Market Report is classified on the bases of:
  • Type
  • Environment
  • Component
  • Application
  • Geography

By Type:
  • Professional
  • Personal

By Environment:
  • Aerial (Commercial Drones and Non-Commercial Drones)
  • Ground (Auto driving Vehicles, Agricultural Robots, Medical Robots, Cleaning Robots, Gesture control Robots, examination Robots, mechanical man Robots.)  
  • Marine (Mobile Operated Vehicles, Auto Surfacing and Underwatering Vehicles)

By Component:
  • Hardware (Airframes, Sensors, Cameras, Actuators, Power offer, management Systems, Navigation Systems, Propulsion Systems, and Others)
  • Software

By Application:
  • Marine (Oceanography, Environmental Protection and observance, archeologic Exploration, and Others)
  • Inspection and Maintenance (Pipe/Pipeline examination, powerhouse examination, the examination of Energized Transmission Lines, and Others)
  • Construction
  • Defense, Rescue, and Security (Demining, Border Security)
  • Medical (Surgery help, Handicap help, and Others)
  • Logistics (Warehouse Automation and Last-mile delivery)
  • Field (Harvest Management, Field Farming, and etc.)
  • Domestic (Floor improvement, field Mowing, Pool improvement, etc.)

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