FAQ\'s - Futuristic Reports


1. What are Futuristic Reports?

Futuristic Reports is a one-stop destination for most commercial, industrial and profit-making partnerships seeking the ideal research on the desired market for various industries. The business prides itself in being more efficient in fulfilling market research requirements of national and international customers.

2. How can I purchase the report?

You can choose the report you would like to purchase. Choose from the Licenses and opt for the mode of payment and make the payment. As we receive the payment, we'll begin the delivery of this document. The report is likely to be delivered in 24-48 working hours post receipt of the payment.

3. What types of payment are accepted?

For online orders, we accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Diner's Club. Arrangements for payment in bank wire transfer or invoice, a cheque can be made by calling customer service.

4. How soon will I receive the report?

The reports are delivered in just 2 to 48 hrs. Some customers might observe a delay in delivery on accounts of difference in time zones. All reports are dispatched within two days of payment confirmation. Please note that if you purchase over holiday or a weekend, you'll be contacted on the next business day.

5. Is my information secure?

The info which you provide is secure according to the Privacy page. If at any time, the user feels bothered by your newsletter, promotional supplies or every other email delivered by Futuristic Reports, they are easily opt out by unsubscribing from the mailing list, a connection for that will be about each email that we send you.

6. Which are the payment conditions?

Payments are nonrefundable; this is a standard company and industry policy. The usage of reports or the products are predicated on the idea of knowledge transfer, and a refund can't be issued as post the client has read the analysis. In an attempt to avert such scenarios, Futuristic Reports delivers of its customers with detailed and transparent pre-purchase facilities to all its clients

7. I'm struggling to make the payment. What to do?

You will face problems like 'Payment Decline’ and 'Payment Gateway Failure.' It may be due to mismatch of billing address and payment information (re-check the data shared), Credit Limit problems (you might need to contact your bank to increase the credit limit), Transaction blocked with your card issuing bank (You also May Want to contact your bank to get the payment approved) In case of some additional payment related issues. Please contact us at: sales@futuristicreports.com

8. What are the types of Licenses Available?

You can choose some of those below Licenses According to your requirement

Single User License - Single User license permits just individual user access to the report. The report will be sent electronically PDF file format.

Multi-User License - Multi-User License lets 2-10 users get access to this Report. The report will be transmitted to your buyers as a PDF file.

Enterprise User License - Enterprise User Permit permits accessibility to this report through the whole enterprise. The report will be sent electronically as a PDF File.

9. How do I contact Futuristic Reports?

You can reach us at:

Mail: inquiry@futuristicreports.com
Phone: +1 (408) 520 9037